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  2. USS Robin may refer to: USS Robin (AM-3) (later ATO-140), laid down 4 March 1918 by the Todd Shipyard Corp., New York USS Robin, code name for the Illustrious -class aircraft carrier HMS Victorious while operating with the United States... USS Robin (AMS-53), laid down as YMS-311 on 7 May 1943 by.
  3. The truth was that the USS Robin as she was being referred to by many sailors, was actually a British carrier—the HMS Victorious (R38). It was never even really titled or re-named USS Robin; rather, it was code-named Robin for communication purposes, an intentional reference to the famous—or infamous—English outlaw Robin Hood. But with the lack of American fleet carriers to protect against potential Japanese carrier aircraft in the Solomons and provide cover for.
  4. USS Robin crewed by British sailors carrying USN Avengers. (U.S. Navy photo edited by Joseph Tremain/Pulled from ArmchairGeneral.com) After transiting the Panama Canal on February 14, Robin joined the U.S. Pacific Fleet and arrived at Pearl Harbor in March 1943. She underwent shakedown operations which revealed that her arrestor wires were not sufficient to stop the heavy Avengers. Heavier arrestor wires were fitted along with even more AA guns. At Pearl, she was also repainted in.
  5. esweeper. But the carrier Robin, generally speaking, was an illusion

USS Robin: When the CNO Needed a Royal Navy Carrier - Part II. July 20, 2018 Heritage, Operations, People, Platforms. Editor's note: This is Part Two of USS Robin: When the CNO Needed a Royal Navy Carrier.. Read Part One here. Victorious departed Norfolk on Feb. 3 en route to the Panama Canal—and assigned the U.S. Navy two-syllable call sign. Victorious/Robin's first sojourn into the campaign to defeat Japan ended in August 1943 when she departed for Hawaii several months earlier than planned. Two new Essex-class carriers - USS Essex (CV-9) and USS Yorktown (CV-10) were en route to Hawaii and would be operational by the end of the year, much earlier than originally thought

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Nach einer Aufrüstung in den Vereinigten Staaten in der Norfolk Navy-Werft im Winter 1942/43, lief der Flugzeugträger durch den Panamakanal, um mit den amerikanischen Einheiten am Pazifikkrieg teilzunehmen. Der Codename des Trägers war USS Robin, nach Robin Hood, da der US Navy zeitweilig kaum Träger zur Verfügung standen Ross Watton: The Aircraft Carrier HMS Victorious, Anatomy of the Ship series. Internet: Eine ausgezeichnete Website über den Dienst der Victorious in der US Navy, dort findet sich auch mein Referenzbild: USS Robin. Wilfried Ecks sehr hilfreiche Seite über die Anstriche der amerikanischen Marineflieger im 2. Weltkrieg

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USS Robin: It's the US aircraft carrier that never was. It's also the closest the USN really got to the mythical Project Rainbow, where experimentation with teleportation was supposed to have made ships 'vanish into thin air' before reappearing somewhere else. So, what's in a name? At first glance it seems to be what it claims. It was a ship under US command. Its aircraft bore the USN white star. Its crew wore USN clothing. Its radio operators spoke with US accents. Many of its. USS Robin was the code name for HMS Victorious during her 1943 sojourn with the USN in the PTO USS Robin: When the CNO Needed a Royal Navy Carrier - Part I. July 20, 2018 Heritage, Heritage Highlights, People, Platforms, Uncategorized. By Carsten Fries, Communication and Outreach Division, Naval History and Heritage Command. In autumn 1942, Adm. Ernest J. King, the Chief of Naval Operations, faced a dilemma: The battles of the Coral Sea and.

The least American of U.S. aircraft carriers to serve in the United States Navy during World War II was a ship that technically never existed. The USS Robi.. USS Robin - HMS Victorious with the USN; ADM1/13385: Captain Mackintosh, HMS Victorious (USS Robin) ADM 199/838 HMS Victorious Report from Commanding Officer 832 Squadron to Commander (Flying) ADM 199/534 Operating HMS Victorious with US Pacific Fleet, 29 APril - 6 June 1943 + Document: Interview of Commander S. G. Mitchell, US USS Robin - Tier 6, 7 or 8 Premium Carrier - General uss victorious robin aircraft carrier hms carriers navy british royal ww2 illustrious ship japanese ships warships class 1943 wwii crew. World of Warships - Tier 7 Japanese Carrier [Hiryu] - YouTube. World of Warships Tier 7 Japanese Aircraft Carrier Hiryu Best Aircraft Carrier Nation Per Tier - Page 2 - General World of Warships. Sep 20, 2015 - The carrier USS Robin mysteriously appeared in the South Pacific in 1943—but there was no such ship in the U.S. Navy

One of the strange little stories of World War II involves the aircraft carrier USS Robin, which didn't really exist. There was a carrier that sailors called the Robin. She and her sailors were underneath U.S. Navy command, took part in American battles and launched U.S. planes with American pilots Based on this graph, we can see a number of interesting things, for example, USS Enterprise was NOT relieved by the Essex-class carriers as is commonly claimed but by HMS Victorious/USS Robin. We can also notice that the Japanese fleet carriers were not ready for action together until early July, which may account for the lack of action up until then. However, there are other things that this.

I wanted to suggest a new Premium CV for the American Tree (as she worn the Star-Spangled Banner at that time) the USS Robin which was a loaned Royal Navy Carrier, the HMS Victorious. Personally i think that it would completely match into the role of premium ship in the US Navy tree (ofc with US Captain there) and i suggest this because i found a beautiful made Website about the Armoured Aircraft Carriers in WW2 Outside of USS Robin (HMS Victorious) arriving off Rabaul in May 1943, The AFD carriers are needed for the Mediterranean theatre, but would either Glorious or Courageous have the legs and engine hours/reliability to serve in the Pacific? The obvious choice would be to leave Hermes and Eagle in the Indian Ocean, sending them to join Admiral Crace's force at Darwin in advance of Coral Sea. With the two newest Essex-class carriers, USS Essex and USS Lexington, arriving in Pearl Harbor and the Japanese withholding their carriers, Robin was returned to British control and recalled home. USS Robin carrying FAA Avengers, FAA Martlets, and USN Wildcats all bearing USN markings but different paint schemes. (U.S. Navy photo) She left her Avengers in Nouméa as replacements for the.

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USS Robin - The Victorious U.S. Carrier that Didn't Exist | Armchair General Magazine - We Put YOU in Command! The carrier USS Robin mysteriously appeared in the South Pacific in 1943—but there was no such ship in the U.S. Navy You need to play a total of 50 battles to post in this section. USS Robin - Tier 6, 7 or 8 Premium Carrier. By Grand_Moff_Tano, April 13, 2016 in General Discussio As camouflage, the U.S. Navy referred to Victorious as the USS Robin in dispatches and radio communications. The British carrier operated with the U.S. Navy in the Southwest Pacific until late. A segment of the USO show on board USS Enterprise (CVN-65), December 2003 in the Persian Gulf featuring the late Robin Williams. Other guests included WWE's. UKN11: HMS Illustrious / USS Robin.USS Hornet was sunk and USS Enterprise was badly damaged at the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, leaving the United States Navy with only one fleet carrier, USS Saratoga, operational in the Pacific. In late December 1942, Victorious was loaned to the US Navy after an American plea for carrier reinforcement

This work, USS Robin: When the CNO Needed a Royal Navy Carrier - Part II, by Carsten Fries, identified by DVIDS, must comply with the restrictions shown on https://www.dvidshub.net/about/copyright From Wikipedia USS Hornet was sunk and USS Enterprise was badly damaged at the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, leaving the United States Navy with only one fleet carrier, USS Saratoga, operational in the Pacific. In late December 1942, Victoriou.. This Aircraft Carrier Did Not Exist. One of the strange little stories of World War II involves the aircraft carrier USS Robin, which didn't really exist.. There was a carrier that sailors. HMS Victorious as USS Robin - (USS Robin - The Victorious U.S. Carrier that Didn't Exist - more here Posted by Currin Family July 29, 2014 July 29, 2014 Posted in Navy Tags: IFTTT , Public RSS-Feed of John Currin

With a plea from the USN for an extra aircraft carrier to replace the USS Hornet and damaged Enterprise HAS Victorious was temporarily assigned to the US Navy under the codename of USS Robin HMS Victorious , sailed to Pearl Harbour in March 1943 , where she was converted so Wildcats and Avengers could operate from her deck. She also was fitted with 45 20mm and 21 40 mm guns .In May she and USS Saratoga joined Group 36.3 in operations against Japanese shipping.. The Victorious also took. The British aircraft carrier HMS Victorious was loaned to the US fleet after being repaired at Norfolk and served with the US Pacific Fleet from Feb to Aug 1943 as the USS Robin. Neither name shows up in USN reports of the period, only that two carriers, 2 AA light cruisers and 4 DD were a task group for the invasion of New Georgia Regarding HMS Victorious service as 'USS Robin', it was a time in the Pacific War when the USN was effectively down to one carrier (USS Saratoga). Enterprise was in dock for major repairs, Wasp, Hornet and Yorktown had been sunk and the first of the Essex class were still up to six months from completion. Possibly difficult to believe nowadays, but the US Government begged the UK for the loan of one Fleet Carrier to cover the gap (in case Saratoga was lost too) and we obliged with HMS. USS Robin: Call sign while operating with the US Pacific fleet in 1943. 'Robin' derived from 'Robin Hood'. The actual USS Robin at the time was a mine sweeper serving in the Atlantic. Vic, The: HMS Victory (1737) Balchen's Victory: Entire crew, including Admiral Balchen, killed when ship foundered in 1744. HMS Warspite (1915) Grand Old Lady, The : Old Lady, The: HMS Weston Super Mare (1940. sea robin sea runner sea scamp sea snipe sea star sea sturgeon sea tiger sea witch sedalia victory seminole (hosp.) seminole (troopship) shamrock shawnee sheepshead bay victory siboney sloterdijk smith thompson smith victory sommelsdijk solomon juneau spanish bowline spindle bye stamford victory starlight state of maryland state of virginia stephen a. douglas stetson victory stevens victory.

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USS Samuel Eliot Morison . CVE 73 . USS Gambier Ba She arrived to take up duties under Task Force 14 on 17 May 1943, and was renamed USS 'Robin', and embarked US aircraft and aircrew. Resuming her former name, 'Victorious' returned to the Home Fleet at Scapa Flow towards the end of 1943 and, on 3 April 1944, she took part in a second, this time successful, air strike against the 'Tirpitz'. Following another refit she joined first the British Eastern Fleet and then the formidable British Pacific Fleet, which included no les than. USS Robin [edit | edit source] USS Hornet was sunk and USS Enterprise was badly damaged at the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands. This left the United States Navy with only one fleet carrier, the USS Saratoga, operational in the Pacific. In late December 1942, Victorious was loane

Of course the best defense for aircraft carriers was their support fleet of ships, The vessel was refit at Norfolk, Virginia, USA in January of 1943 and assigned the name of USS Robin to begin her tour with the US Navy. She arrived at Pearl Harbor in March of 1943. Undergoing a more US Navy-centric refit, the USS Robin was then readied for her Pacific actions tour in May of 1943. From. USS Robin did participate in carrier operations with USS Saratoga during the Central Solomons campaign in the spring of 1943, providing air cover for the invasion of Rendova. The experience of the FAA aircrew in operating USN style would revolutionize RN carrier operations for the rest of the war in speeding up the operation cycle

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USS Robin may refer to: USS Robin (AM-3) (later ATO-140), laid down 4 March 1918 by the Todd Shipyard Corp., New York USS Robin, the Illustrious-class aircraft carrier HMS Victorious while on loan to the USN in 1943. USS Robin (AMS-53), laid down as YMS-311 on 7 May 1943 by Henry B. Nevins, Inc., City Island, New York USS Robin (MHC-54), an Osprey-class coastal mine hunter References This. The aircraft carrier USS Hornet quickly tore through the South Pacific Ocean waters north of the Santa Cruz Islands at full flank speed of 34 knots

Watched a video on the USS Robin an Aircraft Carrier that actually was the HMS Victorious with some upgades while fighting for the US Navy might be interesting to have a campaign where halfway thru it you could pick which version you wanted and then upon completing the campaign you would recieve the other version. It was of the Illustrious class which would make it tier 8 which currently there isnt a Tier 8 premium available under the British flag. Might make for an interesting option. China Shocked: USS Gabrielle Giffords (LCS 10) Operates in South China Sea May 14, 2020 May 14, 2020 George Patton U.S. Air Force B-1B Strategic Bombers Conduct South China Sea Missio

With the loss of the USS Hornet (key cog in the famous Doolittle Raid on mainland Japan) and heavy damage to the USS Enterprise, this left the Americans with just a single fleet-level carrier in service in the Pacific. This prompted the Royal Navy to send their HMS Victorious as a loaner to the Americans in December of 1942. The vessel was refit at Norfolk, Virginia, USA in January of 1943 and. Sep 6, 2016 - The ship that never was: USS Robin HMS Victorious' sojourn in the USN, with USS Saratoga November 23, 1942, to September 26, 1943 More information 'USS Robin' (HMS VICTORIOUS) was painted in the same manner as US carriers t Victorious AKA USS Robin, alongside Ford Island Pearl Harbour 4th March 1943, photo courtesy of Dick. By July 1943, the first of the new American Essex and Independence classes of aircraft carriers were entering service, and HMS Victorious returned to the war against Germany, although in 1944 she went back to the Pacific with the British Pacific Fleet for the final operations of the War USS Robin (Part One) by Mike Bennighof, Ph.D. February 2020. In the October 1942 Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, the Pacific War's fourth clash of carriers, the Japanese finally scored a clear victory. Japanese planes sank the American carrier Hornet and crippled her consort Enterprise, leaving the U.S. Navy with no aircraft carriers to cover the ongoing campaign on Guadalcanal. Vice.

ww2dbase After a refit at the Norfolk Navy Yard in the United States, Victorious sailed through the Panama Canal for the Pacific Theater on loan to the US Navy; during this time, she had the code name USS Robin, named after the character Robin Hood. Sailing alongside of American carrier Saratoga, she participated in the Solomon Islands Campaign in 1943, including supporting the invasions of. apostlesofmercy: USS Cimarron refuels USS Robin (HMS Victorious) on 12 July 1943. Victorious was on loan to the U.S. Navy which had just USS Saratago left operational after the Battle of Santa Cruz..

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During this time, the code name for the carrier was USS Robin, from the character Robin Hood, as the US Navy was temporarily poor in carriers. In April 1943, Victorious sailed for Pearl Harbor to join Saratoga's Battle Group, at that time the only operational American carrier in the Pacific. Her operations in the South Pacific area were conducted in the Solomon Islands. During this time. 24 June 1943 Operation CARTWHEEL, Task Group 36.3 (Rear Admiral D.C. Ramsey USN): HMS Victorious, using the code name USS Robin, sailed from Noumea, New.. killsdk > Naval Ships Decomissioned > USS Robin aka HMS Victorious. Play As. 32 66 105 144 180 220 264 300 Custom... Original; Share. Facebook; Twitter; Email; Embe

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1.group Formidable 1940-53, Illustrious 1940-56, Victorious 1941-69 (12.42 - 9.43 loaned to USN with Code Name USS Robin) 2.group: Indomitable 1941-55, 3.group (Implacable class): Implacable 1944-1955, Indefatigable 1944-1956 . HMS Victorious (1945), HMS Victorious 1958. Unicorn light carrier and aircraft repair ship 1943-1953 HMS Unicorn 1943/59. Audacious class Development of Implaceable. The USS Robin was acting as a single carrier on a secret mission to help the USN in 1943, the BPF was the largest British Fleet ever assembled and was operating in 1944. It's as if I made a post about the US Eagle Squadrons fighting in the Battle of Britain in 1940, and then you come along and say Eer, not quite and then make a post about the USAAF flying over Europe in 1943. The two actions. Apr 23, 2019 - Explore joe's board USA Carriers on Pinterest. See more ideas about aircraft carrier, wwii aircraft, ww2 aircraft Royal Navy carrier squadrons from HMS Victorious (USS Robin) underwent overhaul and night flying training at Barbers Point. Aircraft maintenance and flight training were vital functions but Barbers Point also saw some innovative aviation projects during the war. Drone aircraft were tested there, largely intended as airborne targets, and. This video is about H.M.S VICTORIOU

This mystery carrier, the USS Robin, might have become famous if it had taken part in any major fleet battle, but instead it has faded from all but the more detailed history books. The truth was that the USS Robin as she was being referred to by many sailors, was actually a British carrier—the HMS Victorious (R38). It was never even really titled or re-named USS Robin; rather, it was. USS Shangri-La was the 38th carrier produced by the USN, and the 21st ship of the Essex class. First ordered to be a short hulled Essex, after the HMS Illustrious brief stint as the USS Robin, the Shangri-La was the second of 3 Essexs selected for a subclass known as the Reprisal subclass. Reprisal Sub-class: The Reprisal Subclass was a expiremental class of 3 Carriers of the Essex class. The light carrier conversions (Ryujo, Zuiho, Shoho, Ryuho, Junyo, Hiyo, Chitose, Chiyoda) had no deck protection or armored belt beyond light plating. And, unlike the American ships, they all had closed hangars, but without the facilities for clearing fumes and fuel vapors provided in the UK closed hangars. Additionally, the scheme of CO2 filled voids protecting the aviation fuel tanks was flawed, and in 1942 Shokaku and Zuikaku filled theirs with concrete USS Robin (MHC-54) 1993, was an Osprey-class coastal mine hunter in the United States Navy and is the fourth ship named for the robin. Robin's keel was laid on 2 June 1992 and she was commissioned on 11 May 1996, at Naval Station Ingleside, Ingleside, Texas. Struck from the Navy list 15 June 2006, sold by U.S. General Services Administration for scrap, 8 May 2014 HMS Victorious (R38) - 1939. was the third Illustrious-class aircraft carrier after Illustrious and Formidable. Her service in 1941 and 1942 included famous actions against the battleship Bismarck, several Arctic convoys and the Pedestal convoy to Malta. She was loaned to the United States Navy in 1943 and served in the south west Pacific under the codename USS Robin. Victorious contributed to.

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dent aviators would then undergo their carrier qualifi cations. This was accomplished by successfully making eight landings USS WOLVERINE (IX 64) is seen here underway in Lake Michigan. Many Naval Aviators would qualify in carrier landings on her deck and on the deck of USS SABLE (IX 81), the Navy's freshwater carriers during World War II. Sieh dir an, was Zirkelbach (zirkelbach9098) auf Pinterest, der weltweit größten Sammlung von Ideen, entdeckt hat Aug 23, 2019 - A close-up showing the bulged deck 'faring' placed about and behind B2 4.5in turret. This may have been to improve aircraft ranging around the accelerator and forward lift. Photos attributed to Operation Pedestal in August 1942 indicate this faring may have been in place before VICTORIOUS's sojourn as USS ROBIN There was no USS 'Robin' WWII: This Aircraft Carrier Did Not Exist defensemaven.io - Warrior Maven. Jun 28, 2019. Related Stories. The Truth Behind This NASA Astronaut's Alleged Space Crime Grunge. How Hitler's Blitzkrieg Tactic Shocked the Allies in WWII HowStuffWorks. Engine technologies that push the boundaries New Atlas. Viral: Woman in face shield and bikini attacks car, steals gas cap. USS Hornet - Sea, Air and Space Museum, Alameda, CA. 20,936 likes · 407 talking about this · 66,112 were here. The USS Hornet Museum preserves and honors the legacy of the aircraft carrier USS Hornet..

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